Résumore now on the world wide web

Computer owners of Résumore and beyond rejoice as the website of their favourite city is now findable on the world wide web. Mayor Lambrechts was responsible for the launch of the website and considers it a great success already. However, with the upcoming elections, the opposition is sceptical. The opinion of RésuLESS, political nemeses of Lambrechts's RésuMORE, is clear. According to them, mayor Lambrechts only created the website to bring attention to himself, and to help him secure a new job as the downfall of Résumore is inevitable after the recent events.

Source: The Daily More

Metro stations renamed for unknown reasons

Last week, mayor Lambrechts renamed the metro stations for unknown reasons. Lambrechts claims it was necessary to attract new employers. The opposition wonders why the system still exists in the first place. Year after year, inhabitants move out of the city to find work elsewhere, with only a handful of people living in the city as of today, which leaves the running costs of the metro much higher than the potential income.

Source: The Daily More

The Résumore website.

Résumetro map now available

The Transportation Society of Résumore published the new map for the metro system of Résumore. Until last week, the stations were being renovated, as requested by chairman Lambrechts (RésuMORE). The map itself got a new design and wears the logo of the TSR. However, a printing error has occurred in the bottom-right corner of the map: an unknown text has appeared on the final prints. Chairman Lambrechts s it "not a big deal", and continues the roll-out as planned. The new maps will be available in every vehicle and station by the end of this month.

The map can be found on the website of the TSR or directly here.

The Résumetro system.

Word of Lambrechts

It is an honour to be able to write the words in this section that will be read by your eyes looking at the screen of your computer. I would like to dedicate this month's Word of Lambrechts to the so-called "downfall" of Résumore, as certain political parties like to keep throwing this around.

Unemployment in Résumore is indeed a big problem. This cannot be denied. However, as your mayor, it is my duty to provide you with labour, or at least transportation to places with an excess of labour. The latter is what I am trying to do, and will continue to do if RésuMORE gets re-elected in July, which is when, if everything goes to plan, the construction of the Experience Railway will begin.

Remember, even the mayor knows times of unemployment. To cover my personal expenses, I am not taking your tax money, dear citizen; I, too, am looking for a job. For a better Résumore.

Tim Lambrechts in 2014.

Tim Lambrechts - April 17th, 2014